How a facemask functions

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The need for face covering is no longer restricted to only health workers and some certain occupations. The COVID pandemic has made it a public necessity. Wearing a mask could get tiring but understanding the long way it goes in keeping you safe from getting infected with the Corona Virus is the extra motivation needed to make sure everyone wears a mask at all times.

Firstly we have to understand how the virus infects a human. The virus' mode of entry into the human body is through the respiratory tract from where it spreads to other body organs. When infected individuals talk, cough, or sing, they generate large, wet droplets containing the Corona Virus. Staying within 6 feet of someone who is infected exposes you to those droplets which can land on your eyes, nose, or mouth. This is the reason for health advice to avoid touching oneself. Also, happening to be physically to someone who is infected exposes you to potentially inhaling some of the droplets as well. Social distancing and constant hand washing is necessary for also making sure the virus' spread is contained.

A face cover such as a surgical mask, cloth mask or respirator mask covers the nose and mouth, preventing the possibility of inhaling droplets containing the virus. Also, infected people reduce their probability of infecting others by wearing a mask.

A face cover basically filters the air you breathe in and prevents particles with sizes larger than the pores on the cover's material from getting into the respiratory tract. 

The air a person inhales when using a face cover is filtered and it also acts as a barrier, filtering the air tge user breathes out

A published study funded by the World Health Organization compared potential COVID-19 infection rates with a mask against no mask. Face masks reduced the chances of infection by more than 80 percent. With face masks, the chance of infection was 3.1 percent compared with 17.4 percent without a mask.

A most recent study showed that even a crude cloth covering which provides less than 100 percent protection against the virus could significantly reduce the number of infections, and ultimately, the number of deaths. Another study on other respiratory viruses, including the flu and viruses causing the common cold, showed that masks prevented spread of infected droplets when masks were worn.

All nose mask types have been shown to provide adequate protection from inhaling infected droplets although the N95 masks are most effective. However, considering shortage of PPE and the need for healthcare workers' safety, the public is advised to use cloth masks provided they have more than a single layer. Masks should also fit properly over the face to guarantee efficacy.

The mask should also cover both the nose and mouth at all times.

Masks with an exhalation valve, similar to those used in construction work. This includes N95 respirators with exhalation valves. They allow breath and infected droplets to be exhaled without any filtration and hence defeat the purpose of a mask.

Masks shouldn't be touched excessively and should be touched only after the hands have been washed or sanitized. Single use masks should be discarded at the end of the day or when it gets damp. Cloth masks should be washed thoroughly.

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